Connectedness Has Colleague Seeing Pink

Below is the text of an e-mail I received from a favorite colleague, Terri Johnson, a day ago.  This is a fun little glimpse into one of the many connections being made worldwide by teachers in my district this year.  While I could go on about positive global connections made by colleagues in the quest to create personal learning networks- this time I got a really nice little play-by-play.

Pink Shirt Day

I had to tell someone–and I knew you’d appreciate it.

A series of serendipitous events:

  • 1. You taught me the value of Web 2.O.
  • 2. I finally started using Twitter.
  • 3. Following lots of great people.
  • 4. Barak Obama tells all Americans to try to help others-volunteer. (I read about it via Twitter and watching live streaming at etc.)
  • 5. Thought, OK! What can I do? What can my students do?
  • 6. @teachmescience on Twitter Discusses National Pink Shirt Day to put an end to Bullying.
  • 7. I recall Pink Shirt Day being mentioned on Channel One last year.
  • 8. Start a discussion in my Teacher Advisory Class about the Pink Shirt Day and Bullying-they decide we should promote it at Truman.
  • 9. We’ve made posters, kids have created Commercials to run in the AM at Channel TMS (our student run news program.), and are creating pink “labels” for kids to pass out and wear on the date-February 25th.
  • 10. I mentioned this to @teachmescience via Twitter as a thank you for the heads up.
  • 11. She mentions this via e-mail to the Radio Station who started Pink Shirt Day.
  • 12. Evidently “National” meant Canada.
  • 13. Said radio station just e-mailed me asking to set up a telephone interview for Wednesday Afternoon.

How fun is that?!?


So, apparently, she and a couple of her students did a radio interview on the Christy Clark show during school today on CKNW AM980 in British Columbia, Canada.  Unfortunately, it was far too wild of a day for me to listen in, but I hear it was a great experience for all.  A little research on my end led me to the website for Pink Shirt Day, as well as Christy Clark’s page on the topic.  Apparently, this little movement aimed at ending bullying is gaining quite a head of steam, as Ms. Clark says on her site:

“I encourage all of you to wear something pink to symbolize that we as a society will not tolerate bullying anywhere. I wish I could take credit for this idea but it comes from two incredible Nova Scotia high school students.”

Terri-  of course I’m hoping you’ll pipe in here to give up a few more of the details.  Way to dive in an immerse yourself with like-minded professionals the world over.  And what’s more…  involving your students every step along the way in real social action.  You are modeling some pretty powerful connections.

*UPDATE: This just in, an audio link the piece (about halfway through).

Sean Nash

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  1. This sounds pretty cool, considering how bullying is one of those causes that doesn’t get much attention. I love how social media is making positive differences. This and other things like the worldwide Twestival are perfect examples!

  2. Yes, being on the radio for 3 minutes made me feel like an international superstar for a day. But seriously, I am truly in awe at how easy it is to connect people and causes from around the globe. We are taking part in PinkShirtDay at Truman, not because it would be cool, but because my students and I knew it was the right thing to do.

    The interview started at 4:35pm. Unfortunately, my students had already headed home by then. We discussed what I should say during our Teacher Advisory Time and so many of my comments were a result of what my students told me to say.

    I encourage any and all to develop a PLN. Then use it to become a better teacher, a better learner, a better you.
    The best part, you get new friends to visit!

  3. this is wonderful! i am thrilled to see more interest in social skills as an important part of education! as the workplace becomes more global, social skills will be even more imperative as we work with different cultures and backgrounds.

    our school is working on a school wide bully prevention program. thanks again for sharing your ideas!

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