Is This a Sluggish Strategy?

The following verse was created in response to and in reflection on the following mass-media story:  Sea Slug Surprise: It’s half-plant, half-animal.  Overall, this post starts with a bit of participation and play, continues with the story of how the “Sci-Po” fun began, how I gave it a shot in the classroom, and why this […]


Good conversations This rather dull snapshot was taken with my phone at the recent NECC 2009 conference in Washington, DC.  Funny.  Sometimes it’s the non-conference things that really push my thinking forward.  EduBloggerCon was one of those, “sit around with smart folks and discuss and debate self-selected topics of interest in education” kind of days.  […]

A Synthesis Blogging Whitman

My Sunday morning started with these words from Walt Whitman: GOING SOMEWHERE My science-friend, my noblest woman-friend, (Now buried in an English grave–and this a memory-leaf for her dear sake,) Ended our talk–“The sum, concluding all we know of old or modern learning, intuitions deep, “Of all Geologies–Histories–of all Astronomy–of Evolution, Metaphysics all, “Is, that […]

Gifts On A Dark December Day

On a day when the only thing bigger than the snowflakes is the deep gray loneliness of the sky, I bring you a minuscule chunk of one of my favorite Christmas gifts. My wife, Erin, has a thing for finding the perfect book to send me off on my April exploration of the Bahamian backwoods.  […]


sunlight crashes through bleak winter awakens minds awakens mine ultraviolet bliss burns my skin tickles my soul awakens my deep cold thoughts black fades into gray and the sun polishes silver into the breeze =>