Beginning with the end There…  glad I got that out of the way.  There ended the longest blogless period I’ve had in about three years.  Not that I’ve ever been that prolific.  In fact, I’m pretty satisfied if I get time to write one post a week.  I use Twitter for the smalltalk.  Blogging, for […]

How do you spell constructivism?

Which letters to use? Call it what you like: “problem-based learning”, “project-based learning”, “project-based science”, etc. Heck, use an acronym if you want to come off as in-the-know (or snooty depending on who you ask). Regardless of your fondness for the names or symbols, they all surround a solid educational tenet: learning should be experiential. […]

Increasing Our Level of “Vitamin A”

Vitamin A? For the purposes of this post, “Vitamin A” = administration. Given this equation, you might assume that I am about to promote an increase in administrative positions.  No.  Then perhaps more administrative oversight in education?  No.  Then what?  Have patience, this one requires a bit of setup. The shift I have personally witnessed […]

Blogging: Building Bridges Within The Brain?

If the act of web surfing might keep dementia at bay, then blogging might just allow your brain to outlive your body. The Context I found this brief, but intriguing article from MSNBC interesting enough to engage a read-aloud with my Dual-Credit Biology class this past week.  This classroom of curious minds is full of […]

Bringing it all together: TPACK

Ok… those of you that read my second post on the NETS standards, might have noticed (if you look back) that I made mention of a future post on TPCK, or TPACK as it is now commonly referred to. To cut to the chase and lay this out for you clean and neat, TPCK stands […]