The NETS-A Refresh

I am currently sitting in the NETS-A release celebration at the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC 2009).  The NETS are the National Educational Technology Standards written by ISTE, the International Society for Technology in Education. The NETS standards for administrators were created in 2002 and this refresh is a much-needed follow-up to the recent releases […]

Increasing Our Level of “Vitamin A”

Vitamin A? For the purposes of this post, “Vitamin A” = administration. Given this equation, you might assume that I am about to promote an increase in administrative positions.  No.  Then perhaps more administrative oversight in education?  No.  Then what?  Have patience, this one requires a bit of setup. The shift I have personally witnessed […]

Looking At Student Work With A *NETS-S* Lens

As many educators are starting to figure out, NCLB has a section requiring technology integration and implementation. The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has been out in front in articulating standards and performance indicators for educational technology. These standards have been articulated for students (NETS-S), administrators (NETS-A), and teachers (NETS-T). Like any model […]

Adding, Integrating, Transforming

A 2005 interview with Susan Patrick on the National Educational Technology Plan taught me that our government has at least the philosophical tools to support the curricular transformation of our schools. What strikes me as odd is the fact that I am just now reading the NETP for the first time. I hope to explain […]