Tinkering: A “Boys Only” Club?

Boys only? According to the NCES, since 2004, girls have -in general- been shown to outdo boys in nearly every measure of academic success.  Girls outpace boys on nearly every one of our measures of “winning” when it comes to school.  And yet, when push comes to shove on earning degrees in engineering or computer [...]

Prior Knowledge and The Flow of Learning

Engagement A friend gives you free tickets to an upcoming concert.  Although the group is fairly popular, you are not familiar with the artist’s body of work.  Assuming you elect to go, what do you do next? Between now and the day of the concert, here’s betting that your old pal Google comes into play [...]

Leadoff bunt in the first inning? Not this guy.

The goal in baseball is to just get by. Finishing the ninth inning with one more run than your opponent lands you with a win, and in the right game- a title. The goal in teaching should be quite different.* Swing for the fences Teach like you have something to prove. Because, in fact, you [...]

The “School of the Future” Circa 1998

According to Sharon Cromwell in an article on Education World’s website from 1998, the school of the future… whatever that may be, will certainly “go electric with a capital E.”  She features the conceptual ideas of  Seashore Primary School, an imaginary school of the future created by the Education Department of Australia.  At the imaginary [...]