Biology Educators Network Builds Partnership

The need arises A couple of years ago a few of my digital friends and I brought this space to life: The Synapse. A week later I wrote about it here.  The site derives its origin directly from a frustrating discussion in the Twittersphere between biology instructors of many levels. The topic one particular night […]

Collaborative social media: How do you do business?

Shifting practices Not long ago, the MS Office suite comprised the bulk of computer applications in the world of mainstream business.  I have to admit that as a career biology educator and instructional coach, I have precious little knowledge of the “real” business world.  That said, this past year I have found my work overlapping […]

Connecting Biology Educators Worldwide

I have a brand-spanking new site to share with you and your colleagues who might teach biology/life science. The new site is a worldwide professional network I created with the help of five super collaborators from across the country. This new public network is called: The Synapse. For my non biology-geek readers (the majority) please […]

Give Slideshare a Chance to Transform

What is Slideshare? OK, allow me to say in advance: this tool has far more potential than you will even realize at first. Give this one a chance: Here is an example of what this can embed directly into your network, blog, wiki, etc… View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: symbiosis commensalism) […]

The New C0LL4B0R4710|\|

Professional conferences have always brought opportunities for networking. To those taking the initiative they also provide a hotbed for potential collaboration with peers near and far. However, for me, NECC 2008 represents the leading edge of the new world of digital networking made feasible by free Web 2.0 tools. Already, I have met two dynamic […]