It’s not the 18 minutes

“It ain’t the six minutes, it’s what happens in the six minutes.” This quote from the 1985 wrestling-themed movie, Visionquest, has stuck with me ever since high school.  It does have some pretty raw sailorish language within, so I chose not to embed it here.  If you are a big kid, feel free to check […]

Decisions: The Currency of Educational Action

Choices… decisions… education. Three simple words deeply embedded within my world. For years I have been amazed while reflecting on the cascade of decisions a teacher makes in even one class period with a typical group of 20 or so students. I felt compelled to ponder this subject a bit more after reading Dr. Dial’s […]

What does the “Information Superhighway” really look like?

What highway? Just what does the “21st Century classroom” actually look like?  Do you even know?  What do you actually picture when you close your eyes and imagine?  Does your classroom reflect this ideal?  What is the divide between the ideal and the reality in your school or district? Here’s betting that these two classroom […]

The Art & Science of Questioning (ok, mostly the art)

Questioning The art and science of teacher questioning is a powerful force in any flavor of direct instruction. Marzano and associates (2001) found a roughly 22 percentile gain in student achievement when skillful questioning was an instructional focus. Furthermore, a focus on maximizing student questioning can be even more powerful. However, when asking teachers to […]