A Reflective Anniversary

Happy anniversary to “nashworld.“  This post is the 65th of the year, and it comes exactly one year after my first post on April 21st, 2008.  Wow.  Looking back at that post, it was quite clear I was full of questions for the coming year of study and reflection, but very shy of answers.  In [...]

Giving Thanks

Ok, so I am caught up in it.  I am now caught up in celebration of a holiday that my youth taught me was little more than a gorgefest.  A gorgefest with football.  A gorgefest with football, oh-  and did I mention, pretty little turkeys everywhere?  In an attempt to create a blogosphere-infinite-loop of sorts, [...]

Who are you? Where did you come from? How did you get so smart?

Day two of the Dembo assignment is a fun one.  As a relatively nascent blogger, gathering data on the traffic to and from my blog has been enlightening.  That data is what this post is all about. I started this blog in April.  On August 22nd or so, I added the code for Google Analytics [...]

Assignment Number One: “About” me.

I now fully feel like I’m one of Tyler Durden’s minions from Fight Club.  I’ll never forget the night Tyler (played by Brad Pitt) implored his followers to all go out and get in a fight with a total stranger…  and of all things: lose.  Watching a clip from the movie will tell you it [...]