District Online Learning Coordinator.

Marine Biology instructor.



(certainly not in order of importance)

I am currently finishing my fourth year with the North Kansas City School District where I lead the state’s largest public school online learning program. I first landed in North Kansas City as a District Coordinator of Instruction. Prior to moving to Kansas City, I spent a few years as the District Instructional Technology Coordinator in the St. Joseph School District, and leading up to this, I was a generalist instructional coach in one of the SJSD’s high schools where I also taught biology for over 20 years.

This weblog is authored by me, Sean Nash. Here you will find a mix of reflection and synthesis over any and all of my professional endeavors. Prior to the move to NKCS, though I was in a district position, I continued to teach a course in Marine Biology. I began this program over thirteen years ago in the St. Joseph School District. I know, it is Missouri…  we got that a lot over the years. I still have hopes of recreating this program again in a public school district before (or after) retiring.

Every day is an interesting journey. I try to scribble a few things here whenever I get a chance, and sharing makes me feel good. I wouldn’t have spent nearly two decades in this profession if it didn’t. Stop in and poke around from time to time. Chances are, if the word cloud from your blog touches mine in some virtual Venn diagram, then I have likely read from yours already.


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