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She Might Be Jackson Pollock

They might be heroes Prepare for awesome.  Whatever it is you do for that…  do it.  I have no idea what you may have thought of They Might Be Giants prior to this post.  If you are unfamiliar, prepare for awesome.  You are hereby twice warned. This band had a few airplay successes prior to [...]

Failure Is Not An Option

I.  Parallels? Why are the mandates of NCLB so difficult to swallow…  but yet a rather analogous challenge put forth in the Apollo 13 clip below is resisted for only a short period, and then finally accepted by all in a flurry of directed action?  The 120 seconds below are cinema gold.  In this scene, [...]

It’s not the 18 minutes

“It ain’t the six minutes, it’s what happens in the six minutes.” This quote from the 1985 wrestling-themed movie, Visionquest, has stuck with me ever since high school.  It does have some pretty raw sailorish language within, so I chose not to embed it here.  If you are a big kid, feel free to check [...]

On Crocodiles and Professional Vision

This quote… …(which is unattributed as far as I can tell) is one that caused pause the first time it crossed my brain.  My initial reaction to this was in regard to what happens to the early-service teacher upon logging that first real week as leader of their own classroom.  Let’s start by making the [...]