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The NETS-A Refresh

I am currently sitting in the NETS-A release celebration at the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC 2009).  The NETS are the National Educational Technology Standards written by ISTE, the International Society for Technology in Education. The NETS standards for administrators were created in 2002 and this refresh is a much-needed follow-up to the recent releases […]

Possibilities 2.0

Give me potential or give me death. ~Sean Nash A Patrick Henry moment Yep, I just quoted myself.  It’s OK, I’ll take that one.  In fact, I think I’ll take it and run with it for a bit.  Check it out.  See, I don’t deal well with what one of my science department colleagues refers […]

The Curse of… “Default Settings?”

This post begins with a bigfat pointyfinger toward a recent post on Dean Shareski’s blog: “Ideas and Thoughts.”  The title was so fitting that I couldn’t bring the idea without it somewhat as well. Nuts & bolts Though I took the post pretty lightly through the first paragraph, I then started seeing the relevance of […]

Back On The Horse

Whenever I find myself in a reflective mood anymore this is where I find myself.  Tonight is certainly one of those times.  Earlier I spent some time tuning up my bike for an early morning ride.  Big deal, right?  Normally I would agree.  The difference here is the fact that I haven’t pointed my bike […]