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“It’s Not About The Technology”

Refocus I’m certainly not the first person to utter that sentence in reference to the integration of modern technology into the world of education.  This was originally posted to our school’s professional learning network, Virtual Southside, here. *Full size image linked in citation below. Then what is it about? Folks… our mission really isn’t about [...]

A Synthesis Blogging Whitman

My Sunday morning started with these words from Walt Whitman: GOING SOMEWHERE My science-friend, my noblest woman-friend, (Now buried in an English grave–and this a memory-leaf for her dear sake,) Ended our talk–”The sum, concluding all we know of old or modern learning, intuitions deep, “Of all Geologies–Histories–of all Astronomy–of Evolution, Metaphysics all, “Is, that [...]

All the top education chatter

“OK Sean, I am ready to start reading some blogs.  Can you tell me where to start…  give me a few places to begin?” Connecting The above question is one I have begun fielding more and more often from faculty members as of late. Many teachers at Benton, and a growing number from other schools [...]

The Octopus Gets Due Respect

My last post highlighted a train wreck of a children’s book.  Readers of the post typically had one of three responses: 1)  This is sick, but hilarious. It was easy to get a kick out of something as blatantly incorrect as this book.  In fact, my current marine biology students enjoyed it quite a bit.  [...]

Attack of the Septapus -or- Why are you doing this to my kid?

Fuel Lately, my students and I have been studying not only the effectiveness of biological illustrations, but also the efficacy of their own illustrations to personally enhance the knowledge of abstract concepts.  As well, I have been engaged in some short but interesting discussions with Dr. Mishra at MSU concerning the validity of visualizations.  None [...]