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Your ideal writing space?

Snow falls.  My fireplace coats one half of me in cozy radiance.  Across the room, Erin animates a book for my curious babe.  School is still a solid day and a half away.  As I sit here inspired by the art of Vladislav Gerasimov’s studio, I ponder physical space. I catch myself in full muse [...]

Giving Thanks

Ok, so I am caught up in it.  I am now caught up in celebration of a holiday that my youth taught me was little more than a gorgefest.  A gorgefest with football.  A gorgefest with football, oh-  and did I mention, pretty little turkeys everywhere?  In an attempt to create a blogosphere-infinite-loop of sorts, [...]

Where are the seeds in an orange?

I will never forget my second year as a teacher when a student asked:  “Who is George Brett?” …in reference to a signed photograph on my wall.  So, mark 1992 as the first time I was blown away by the fact that my students were in some ways “not from my world.”  At the time, [...]

Goal Directed Exhaustion is OK

Michael Doyle is the name.  I’m sorry if you aren’t following this blog.  I really mean that.  If you haven’t read this guy, you are missing out.  Stop doing that.  Read it today.  Then make sure you come back often.  I can’t continue to dig deep reading the blogs of influential educators without stopping today [...]

How do you spell constructivism?

Which letters to use? Call it what you like: “problem-based learning”, “project-based learning”, “project-based science”, etc. Heck, use an acronym if you want to come off as in-the-know (or snooty depending on who you ask). Regardless of your fondness for the names or symbols, they all surround a solid educational tenet: learning should be experiential. [...]