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How might technology provide a scaffold into poetry?

I am such a sucker for anything that even slightly tickles the visual and verbal parts of my brain simultaneously. To start, I love this lesson plan that deals with defining poetry. I would love to take part in a discussion like this… shoot… any discussion like this. I need my fix of a good, […]

Get Your “Daily Dose” of Literature in 5 to 20 Minutes

How do you get your daily dose of literature? Life is hectic in 2008. Is it during your installations of “eyes past print w/voice support?” If you answered “yes” to that, what if I could show you a new and very cool way to deliver that little instructional gem? DAILYLIT.com is really… well, I just […]

Give Slideshare a Chance to Transform

What is Slideshare? OK, allow me to say in advance: this tool has far more potential than you will even realize at first. Give this one a chance: SLIDESHARE.net Here is an example of what this can embed directly into your network, blog, wiki, etc… View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: symbiosis commensalism) […]

Bringing it all together: TPACK

Ok… those of you that read my second post on the NETS standards, might have noticed (if you look back) that I made mention of a future post on TPCK, or TPACK as it is now commonly referred to. To cut to the chase and lay this out for you clean and neat, TPCK stands […]