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The Blue Nowhere – A worthwhile thought exercise on the “what if” level

My initial post on The Blue Nowhere, by Jeffrey Deaver, dealt with an ethical analysis of the first half of the book.  Throughout my experience with The Blue Nowhere, I found that it was full of surprises, but it was also full of predictability.  I have always wondered what it is about books, movies, etc. […]

The New C0LL4B0R4710|\|

Professional conferences have always brought opportunities for networking. To those taking the initiative they also provide a hotbed for potential collaboration with peers near and far. However, for me, NECC 2008 represents the leading edge of the new world of digital networking made feasible by free Web 2.0 tools. Already, I have met two dynamic […]

Looking At Student Work With A *NETS-S* Lens

As many educators are starting to figure out, NCLB has a section requiring technology integration and implementation. The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has been out in front in articulating standards and performance indicators for educational technology. These standards have been articulated for students (NETS-S), administrators (NETS-A), and teachers (NETS-T). Like any model […]