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Cutting Edge ‘Til The Very End

This. is. absolutely. amazing. Regardless of what you think of his pottymouth upstart to critical acclaim… George Carlin was always one step ahead of the game. In this video, he updates us all on where his life has taken him. Who knew Mr. “seven dirty words” would ever develop into the spoken word poet he […]

The Importance of Being Tech Savvy

“Computer and Network Security,” was an informative look at the various ways that computers and networks can be accessed and manipulated by off-site operators and systems.  It was interesting to note how much of this chapter was similar to what Jeffrey Deaver had written about in The Blue Nowhere, and also how much of this […]

The Good & Bad Inherent in Privacy

In Chapter 5 of Ethics for the Information Age, on “Privacy,” Michael J Quinn presents a broad overview of the laws and acts throughout history the United States has enacted that, in most cases, allow government agencies to access information most people would consider private.  What do most people consider private?  This is actually quite […]

The Blue Nowhere: An Ethical Inquiry

The Blue Nowhere is a novel set in the information age in the center of Silicon Valley, a land where savvy computer geeks and genius misfits program/design/hack/crack with fingertips of gold. It offers readers a view into the world of the true Internet, a world beyond the operator friendly menus, shopping sites, and pop-up ads […]

A N I M O T O !

Ok, I have to confess. I thought I had better do this sooner or later. I have been waiting to expose Animoto for the beast that it is becoming. I just thought it would be nice if you thought my latest two videos were the result of hours and hours of devoted video artistry by […]