Post number one.

Welcome to my mess. If this site is to reflect the happenings within my brain as a result of our school’s transformation- then it looks like a jumbled mess to you right about now. We stand at the edge of a crucial transformation for our school. What is this transformation you speak of? Now this is a question worth asking. Warning: prepare to be offended by some guy answering your question with a string of his own.

What level of constructivist practice is possible in today’s secondary schools? How is learning internalized? What are the best learner-centered strategies for accessing and building knowledge? How do I know that the learning environment I have created for kids is relevant? What is “just in time” learning? How do I construct an environment that facilitates rigorous social learning between my students? How do I build relationships with 21st Century learners? What is the optimal interaction between task, instructor, and learner? Is is possible for everything I do to be embedded within a deep, rich context?

Yeah- that is just a start. As I begin to get situated here in a week or so, I will talk more about where this all is headed. Hold on, it’s going to be a thrilling ride for all of us!


what this feels like